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5 Amazing uses of Turmeric for Skin Benefits

Turmeric Or Haldi is used in almost all the Indian Families. It has antiseptic & anti-bacterial properties which not only heals cuts and burn but also keeps the infection away and, not to forget it is also beneficial for your skin in many ways. we all have witnessed "Haldi  Rasam" in Indian weddings where a paste made up of Haldi, Ubtan & rose water mixed together to make a thick paste. later it is applied to the Bride-to-be to give her a glowing look. it is one of the traditional ways used for skin lightening.

Turmeric has so many other skin benefits it can be used for Anti-aging, oily skin, Dull skin,  acne prone skin and skin pigment.

I am sharing some home-made face mask made up of turmeric for skin benefits:

1) For Oily skin:

For this mask you will need; half teaspoon of turmeric + 1 tablespoon Gram floor + 1 table spoon of rose water

2) Anti-aging:

Half teaspoon of turmeric + half table spoon of Green tea + 1 table spoon of Honey + 1 table spoon of Gram floor + …
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Garnier Ultra Blends Oil-in-cream | Review

Hi Lovelies,

Hope you all are doing well, Summer has arrived but still, we can feel those chilly winds and that makes your skin and hair a bit dry. No matter how much you condition your hairs but frizzy hairs still need more care and for that, leave in conditioners or Oil-in-creams are the best solution.
I have been using this wonderful range from Ultra Blends by Garnier. The reason I chose this cream despite having many of them in the market is this cream contains more natural ingredients.

Benefits  :

Leaves hair soft and smooth instantlyHydratesNon stickyRevitalize & Nourishes hairParaben freeMade up of all Natural Ingredients
How to use :
As It's an oil replacement cream, it says to apply it on the place of oil on your hairs but trust me no cream can replace the benefits of a natural Oil. I use oil before hair wash and apply this cream after my hairs get completely dry. you can also apply it on wet hairs and leave it as it is. A pea size amount is enough for the waist length …

Biotique Green Apple Shampoo | My Hair Savior

Hi All,

Today's post is about falling hairs and methods to cure, I have been through the worst hair fall last year, I did Chemical smoothing and within one month of taking the treatment, my hair started falling like anything. I was so worried about my hairs and for rejuvenating them the first step I took was say "NO" to chemicals. I stopped using the shampoo recommended by the hair stylist as it was doing no good to my hairs. It was just an extra dose of chemicals to already chemically treated hairs, hence resulted in unstoppable hair fall.

I wanted to try Herbal remedies for my falling hairs so I switched to Boutique Green apple shampoo this was the first time I was about to give a try to a herbal product for hairs and to my surprise, my hair fall was visibly reduced after the first wash itself and after using it for a month my hair fall stopped and I couldn't be happier.

This shampoo is easily available online and you can find it at your nearest Medical store also


The Wrong Decision

He unlocked the door kept the bag and blazer on the couch, opened the wrist watch and placed it on the table, he sat there while losing the tie knot released some breath from his mouth and looked up and stared at the ceiling for few seconds and then looked down. He feels he took a wrong decision but then he was giving excuses to himself.

we always look for a ray of hope in the dark shadows of reality, no matter how deep is the dark. we know how to convince the mind, but then hope is the only key to survive. 

He went to the washroom opened the shower, the water was exploring his body the tiny droplets were sliding on his veins, he took a long shower, As if the water will wash away all the pain.

He was alone, all alone the silence around him was killing him, only one face was revolving around his sight, she was the only one he could think of, his days became long and nights longer. Sometimes,he would just laugh at himself....
He thought he will be good without her.

Reasons to be Happy if you are Single on this Valentine's

To All the Single ladies out there, this Valentines you're not alone I am here and you know what, we don't need anyone to be happy, happiness comes from your inner self and I don't only say that I feel that.
 we all are so busy and running behind things that we lost ourselves. we don't get time even for ourselves. cherish yourself, know yourself and the most important part learn to be Happy with yourself.

I am not against any love relationship or a marriage, being a girl even i want that at some point in my life even i would love to be loved by someone.

But what i think is there should be an individuality in the love relationship too, we should not lose ourselves to that extent that we always and always need someone to complete us or to be happy.  Remember only you can make yourself happy.

Make someone yours that it strengthens you makes you strong, supports you, guides you, don't let someone be your weakness don't be around negativity.
Singleness doesn't…

Makeup mistakes you should avoid

Hi Everyone,

We all just love makeup and experimenting with new looks, ever happened following the makeup tutorial but end-up looking nothing like the model, all because we always miss some or other important part or we are unaware of the correct way to do it, I will discuss a few of them here today.
i am not an expert but yes these things will surely help you as these are my personal experiences, even i have made so many mistakes in make-up which i learned later and here i am to discuss the same.
wohhoo thanks me later !

1) Skipping the primer 

    Lets be honest, we all have done it once or twice in our life and then regretted later, all of you who don't know what a Primer is let me tell you, It is a serum like consistency moisturizing liquid which has to be applied before the foundation or makeup base, It makes your makeup base last longer and creates a layer between the makeup and your skin which helps in protecting skin from the chemicals. A primer is a must have product if y…

Maybelline New York Color Show Red Carpet Lipstick Review

Hi All,

Recently i bought Maybelline New York Color Show in shade Red Carpet, I will share the product review here so let's get started !!

Look :

Starting with the looks, It comes In complete Black case with a colored plastic band In between, the color of the band indicates the color of the lipstick. I absolutely loved the classy look.
Price: 299 INR

Packaging :

I loved the packaging it comes in a transparent plastic cover with the Maybelline logo printed on the top and ingredient list on the back of it, lipstick case is well designed in matte black case and travel friendly.

Pigmentation & Texture : 

I am not very much impressed by the pigment as it is less pigmented, you will have to apply it  multiple times to get the perfect color, but it stays for a good 5-7 hrs that is something good about it in this price. The color is in pink undertone which gives a good glow to your face. It smells like bubblegum you can feel it for a while after application.
while the lipstick is matte …